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C.A.C. Tampa – Central Florida DCC HQ

Planing to be in the Tampa Florida area, we want to invite to stop by our local branch.

CAC Tampa

Pastor and Mrs. Gabriel Aboderin


Fax: 813.333.2829


10620 Henderson Road

Tampa Florida

33625 USA

Weekly Programs

Monday ~ Friday

6:00am ~ 6:30am (EST)

Morning Devotion

Jump start your day with Morning Devotion!


7:00pm (EST)

Men’s Fellowship

Devoted to spiritual and personal development of Men seeking the favor of God for success, fulfilment and purpose thru the life changing power of the word of God. Come and be a part of a fellowship that welcomes men with a spirit of brotherhood and the focus on faith.


5:00pm (EST)

Women’s Fellowship

A bible based fellowship that speaks to the issues concerning Single, Married, Divorced, Widowed Women. It is the will of God for women to live Successful, Productive and Powerful lives. Come and feel the love and support of the Fellowship for women of all ages.


7:00pm (EST)

Bible Study

A discussion group for those who wish to learn more about the Bible and how to apply its knowledge to daily life.


11:00pm (EST)

Midnight Prayer

A peaceful Friday night prayer that brings closure for the busy weekdays and brightens your soul for beginning of the weekend.


12:00pm (EST)

Victorious Voices Choir Rehearsal

Weekly rehearsal for Victorious Voices choir members. Non-members are welcome too!


9:00am ~ 10:00am (EST)

Sunday School

Get empowered through the word of God when you attend our Sunday School of Wisdom. It is the vision of our leader, that an opportunity be given to everyone to become familiar with the Bible and to have an understanding of the word of God. Ask questions and get answers in our Sunday School of Wisdom!


10:00am ~ 12:00pm (EST)

Sunday Service

After Sunday School, stay for the uniquely electrifying praise service followed by a moving sermon given by our very own Pastor Dr. Gabriel S. Dada. Make sure you start your week off right at Christ Apostolic Church!